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Meet the Team!

Big V
Producer / Engineer

A Musician since age 5, V was raised in a family and town that embraced music so it was no surprise when in Jr High, he and his older brother got their hand on a sound system and began putting shows on for theirs and their frends bands. From there things morphed in to recording the live shows then ultimately the cliche egg carton and foam basement studio.

On his musical Journey V studied classical , Jazz and Big band music but always gravitated to the loud disident sounds of rock, punk and metal. His parents were in to the Country, Folk and Celtic artists so dont be surprised when he slides in a refernce from The Kingston Trio or The Chieftans.

V has worked with several local bands and artists and his passion is helping them find and create thier sound.

Producer / Engineer

DB has been Djing and producing since his teenage years. He has worked in various studios between New York and Cleveland.
Not only producing DB has been in many bands and perfomed globally. He brings this experience to our clients and shares their point ov view as an artist.

Greg Mac
Recording Engineer

Greg was born in Troy, Michigan but raised mostly in Kansas City Missouri before moving to Cleveland Ohio at 13.

He began producing using FL Studio to make hip hop beats late in 2018 and has progressively gotten more involved with the music business because of beatmaking. He found Mannequin Odd Studios in 2022 while searching for an internship and that has turned into an apprenticeship for audio enginnering.

While he is new to working with music in a professional setting, his attention to detail, creativity, easy going nature and work ethic make him a perfect person to work and create music with.


Jake D.
Instrumental Production Coordinator