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Odd Block Entertainment

Where Your Musical Vision Becomes Reality

🎼   We welcome all genres of musical Artist.

🎼   We seek artist who have a good starting vision of what they are looking to create and we help them pull that vision into focus. Besides having a full professional recording studio at our disposal, we have experienced producers, engineers and writers who are truly interested in helping you reach your full potential instead of watching an hourly rate clock. We treat each artist uniquely and adhere to their specific needs.

🎼  Some Artist only need some finishing touches to their music while others are diamonds in the rough just starting out on their musical journey.

🎼  If you are serious about your project, Odd Block wants to talk with you.

🎼  We will meet with you to discuss your project then help you come up with a schedule and budget that works for you.

🎼   In addition to our recording and production offerings, Odd Block is Record Label with A&R services as well.

🎼   Whether your new to the world of recording or have been using studios for a long time, Odd Block offers a unique experience to make your ideas become reality in a professional manner while in a relaxed, creative environment.

🎼   Contact us today for a consultation. We can set up an in-person tour of our facility and see if we can help bring your vision into focus and make it a reality.